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Business Scopes

1. We produce

  • PVC compounds for wires & cables, including:
    • Standard grades
    • Lead-free grades to meet the RoHS compliance
    • High temperature rating grades for automotive wires and for power cables
    • Low temperature resistant grades
    • Flame-retardant grades, low-smoke grades, oil-resistant grades
    • Special grades with anti-termite or/and anti-rodent property
    • Phthalate-free grades
  • Rigid PVC compounds
    • PVC compounds for pipes & profiles and electrical trunkings
    • PVC compounds for conduit and corrugated pipes
    • PVC compounds for fittings (both electrical and water pipe application) and other rigid injection moulding items
    • PVC compounds for bottles
  • Flexible PVC compounds
    • PVC compounds for hoses, fence wires and automotive trimmings
    • PVC compounds for seals & gaskets
    • PVC compounds for liner crown cork (cap seal) for beer bottle or soft drink bottle
    • PVC compounds for footwear
    • PVC compounds for carpets
    • PVC compounds for waterstop and other flexible extrusion parts
    • PVC compounds for hand grips and other flexible injection parts
    • PVC compounds for medical devices


2. We supply cable materials

  • Full range of tape, foil and yarn for electrical wires & cables
  • Insulation and sheathing compounds for wires & cables
  • Flame retardant materials for wires & cables
  • Water blocking materials for cables
  • High carbon and low carbon galvanized steel wires for cables


3. We supply cable machines

  • Drawing machines (Rod Breakdown, Medium drawing and Fine drawing machines)
  • High speed bunching machines, tubulars and rigid stranding machines
  • Planetary stranding machines and drum twisters
  • Extruders
  • Pay-off, take up, caterpillars and other machines for wire & cable production


4. We do business of agent and distributor for European companies

  • Proton Products Group: instrumentation and control equipment for use in industrial production (diameter gauges, speed & length gauges, lump & neck gauge, pre-heater, spark-tester, etc.)
  • Esteves Group: diamond dies and tools, including drawing dies, stranding & compacting dies, bunching & compacting dies, enameling dies, extrusion tools, etc.
  • Metalube UK: all ranges of lubricants for drawing & rolling non-ferrous wires and tubes
  • Gauder Group: all ranges of cable machines, especially the second-hand machines
  • RSD Group: all ranges of printing and marking machine for wire & cable with the line speed up to 1500m/min
  • Wanma Group: all grades of XLPE for LV, MV and HV cables, Semi-conductive compounds, LSHF, MDPE, HDPE, XLPO for power cables, solar cables, telecommunication cables and other variety cables.