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Dầu kéo dây nhôm Alumol™ và dầu cán dây nhôm Metarol™

Non-Ferrous Wire Drawing

High-performance, hot-rolling and wire-drawing lubricants for pure aluminium and aluminium alloy

Alumol™ is a range of high-performance lubricants specifically developed for the drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloy wire. All of the products in the Alumol™ range contain an optimised combination of natural and synthetic lubricity additives.

Metalube® Metarol grades are designed for hot-rolling of aluminium. Metarol 463 is approved by Properzi.

In use experience has shown that Alumol™ drawing lubricants will deliver maximum benefits when used in conjunction with the VRX additive and Filtermet centrifugal filtration system. Together these products deliver significantly enhanced service life, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.