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PVC compounds for non-toxic bottles & jars and for packaging

These grades include bottles, jars and rigid films. The raw materials used are specially selected and are approved by FDA for food contact. The grades are in compliance to most of the international regulatory bodies for food contact.

  • Medium impact grade for bottles below 1 litre
  • High impact grade for bottles up to 2 litres
  • Very high impact grade for bottles up to 3 litres
  • Soft grades for liner of crown cork (cap seal) for beer bottle or soft drink bottle
  • We have grades for transparent heat shrinkable film packaging 
  • We also have grades for comestic packaging with high impact strength property.

Technical Data Sheet

Typical properties

Test method



Specific gravity

ISO 1183


1.32 ÷ 1.35

Vicat point

ISO 306


72 ÷ 76

Thermal stability at 200°C

IEC 811 3:2


30 ÷ 35


In each inquiry, we collect the customer’s requirements on hardness, color and application to design a suitable grade of PVC compound to make customer pleased on quality.



  • For other properties, please contact us to get a TDS for each grade you need