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PVC compounds for Pipes & Profiles and for various rigid extrusion products

Vitahco is also strong in rigid PVC compounds which are are used for the building materials such as window & door frame, ceiling profile and other construction materials. Our typical grades are:

  • High impact strength grades for ceiling profiles and floor profiles
  • Expanded grades for extrusion or co-extrusion of foamed profiles
  • Weatherability and UV resistant grades for window profiles
  • Corrugated pipes to BS EN 61386-22:2004 standard
  • Electrical conduits to BS EN 61386-21:2004 standard
  • Electrical trunking and cable tray

Technical Data Sheet

Typical properties

Test method



Specific gravity

ISO 1183


1.48 ÷ 1.60

Vicat point

ISO 306


75 ÷ 80

Thermal stability at 200°C

IEC 811 3:2


25 ÷ 35


In each inquiry, we collect the customer’s requirements on hardness, color and application to design a suitable grade of PVC compound to make customer pleased on quality.



  • For other properties, please contact us to get a TDS for each grade you need
  • Lead-free grades are available upon request