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Tập Đoàn Esteves về khuôn kim cương - Tây Ban Nha


Vitahco has been the sole agent in Vietnam for Esteves Group since 2009 to supply the diamond dies to most of wire & cable manufacturers in Vietnam with the market share about 50%. With the best quality of Esteves diamond dies and excellent service from Vitahco supply chain to the end users, we are proud to have our contribution to the success and reputation of top 8 wire & cable producers in Vietnam during nearly 10 years.

The Esteves Group is a global company with 100 years of expertise in the production of diamond dies, extrusion tools, machines for die reconditioning and refurbishing services.

Esteves Group and Vitahco always focus on the customer satisfaction about quality of our dies by providing our full supports of technical consultant, training and seminar. In each machine, we recommend the size of dies for customer to obtain efficiently the good surface of wire, the maximum life time for the dies and of course with the competitive prices.


Quality assurance

Quality assurance at Esteves Group means setting high quality standards. State-of-the-art technology is a critical component, but more important is the knowledge, training, and commitment that maintains those standards.


Type of wire dies

  • Natural diamond blank (ND)
  • Polycrystalline diamond blank (PCD)
  • Synthetic single crystal diamond blank (SSCD or SMCD)
  • Tungsten carbide (TC)
  • Extrusion tools
  • Bunching and stranding dies
  • Diamond coated compacting dies (DC dies or it is called Nano dies)
  • Split dies
  • Shaped dies




How to choose a diamond die for wire drawing?

We always guide you to choose a suitable die based on the following factors:

  • What is your desired wire diameter and tolerance?
  • What type of your drawing machine and the inlet wire?

Then, we will study and share with you the below points:

  • We open to you a proper blank and ADDMA size to be used for the die
  • We recommend a die sequence to be used in your drawing machine
  • We show you the drawing die inner drawing.

We assure:

  • The value you will get from Esteves die is always higher than what you pay
  • You know the maximum diameter and the number of time that the die can be sized up
  • We share with you how to do the die inspection.




The history of Esteves Group dates back to 1913 when the multinational electronics company Philips founded their Drawing Die Factory to supply the ever increasing demand for drawing dies to draw tungsten wire for their light bulb manufacturing. During the early years of the 20th century, the later to be named Philips Diamond Tools, was rebuilt after the 2nd world-war bombardments and eventually grew from a small factory into a full-grown and self-sufficient operation. In 1991 Philips announced that they would be selling the Philips Drawing Die company.

In 1992, a group of investors saw this sale as an opportunity to create a world-leading company for supplying drawing dies all over the world and acquired the company, later changing the name to PDT Diamond Tools (PDT). PDT became a subsidiary of the holding company Diamond Tools Group B.V. which is still headquartered in The Netherlands.

In 1994, to strengthen its worldwide position, Diamond Tools Group acquired Esteves S.A., a Spanish die maker with facilities in Spain, Mexico and Brazil. The two companies, PDT Diamond Tools and Esteves were renamed into Esteves-PDT after the take-over was complete.

In 1998, with the acquisition of Decatur Wire Die LLC (DWD), Diamond Tools Group’s market share was expanded in the USA and Canada. That same year UKD, with its main factory in Poland, was acquired to better position the company in Eastern Europe. In 2001, the group of companies were renamed Esteves-DWD to clearly represent the presence of the company in the European and American markets.

The combination of Philips Diamond Tools (PDT), Esteves, Decatur Wire Die and UKD brought together four drawing die companies that were recognized worldwide for the high quality and precision of their products.

In the early 21st century, Diamond Tools Group decided to expand their business in Asia and founded a new manufacturing and service plant in Shanghai, P.R. of China. This facility in Shanghai has been operational since 2005 and is supplying customers all over Asia.

To emphasize the company’s unity and global character, the group name Esteves-DWD changed to Esteves Group. This name change and new corporate identity (Esteves Group, the global wire die company) was successfully introduced in the spring of 2008 at the Wire Trade Show in Düsseldorf, Germany (WIRE’08).

Due to the strength of its business model, the Esteves Group is stronger than ever. The group supplies and services customers all over the world with new and refurbished tools for the wire and cable industry. Along with the sales of its various products, Esteves Group takes great pride in providing professional services and effective consultation throughout the industry.

Esteves Group history at a glance

1913: Philips Diamond Tools founded
1964: Esteves S.A. founded
1979: Decatur Wire Die LLC established
1980: Manufacturing units Mexico founded
1980: Manufacturing units Brazil founded
1984: UKD Germany (Aachen) founded
1990: UKD Poland (Zagwiździe) founded
1991: Philips Diamond Tools acquired by Diamond Tools Group
1992: Name change to Professional Diamond Tools (PDT)
1996: Acquisition of Esteves, name change to Esteves-PDT
1998: Decatur Wire Die LLC acquired by Diamond Tools Group
1998: UKD acquired by Diamond Tools Group
2001: Name change to Esteves-DWD
2005: Esteves-DWD Shanghai founded
2008: Name change to Esteves Group